EST. 2011

Unique Tiles

We Offer:

Custom Designed Tiles Made To Order

Design Your Own Tiles In 2 Easy Steps

Do you want a stylish and durable way to improve decorations in any room?

At UniqueTiles, we pride ourselves on being custom wall tile experts or custom printed ceramic tiles. Our tiles last for decades, can improve the look of any space, and are very easy to maintain. Though many people order wall tiles for their bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools, very unique and stylish effects can be achieved in other areas too, internal and external.

What is so exciting, is the ability to enlarge and have the picture and the design adjusted to fit the area in which you wish it installed. Working with architects, designers, artists and private clients Unique Tiles presents the opportunity to design, create and imagine your decorative bespoke tiles, tile murals and tiles art, rather than using a mass-produced tiles choice.

” If You Can Imagine It, We Can Create It “

UniqueTiles advanced high-resolution image transfer technology is NOT DYE SUBLIMATION or UV PRINTING.

Our premium technology is a kiln fired, non-toxic, environmentally friendly a process that guarantees high standards in terms of visual image quality, clarity and durability.

All images are fired at very high temperatures (1650 F, 900 C) on the finest porcelain or ceramic tile making the finished product very durable.

Our products are resistant to :

◆ Extreme Climates, frost proof (will not crack)

◆ UV-Rays (guaranteed not to fade 50 years)

◆ Graffiti (can be removed)

◆ Scratching (under normal conditions of use, does not scratch)

◆ Wear (suitable for high traffic areas)

◆ Chemicals (will not harm surface or image)

◆ High temperature (up to 1292F,700c)