Whilst tiles can be stunning decorative pieces adorning walls, they can also serve practical splashback purposes when installed behind hobs and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. However, just because splashback tiles’ main role is to protect sinks and hobs, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with them!

From striking designs that entice the ‘wow’ factor and intricate patterns to humble borders and basic colours, splashback designs come in a beautiful array of diverse variety.

Here are just 5 different kitchen splashback ideas to get your inspiration sparked and creative juices flowing and to illustrate the pure abundance of unique splashback styles that there are out there!


1) With McCarron &Co Design Director, Alex Beaugeard, stating: As vertical surfaces, they  [splashback tiles] carry significant design weight and there is a real appetite to experiment at the moment. I’m seeing artwork installed behind glass and resin bronze as well as wallpapers…” we have to agree: a truly prominent piece of artwork enunciated makes a truly remarkable design asset. With cows being elegant and memorable creatures, this one struck a chord with us.

2) Although marble is a material that can be susceptible to discolouring, the marriage of metal tiles with sleek marble countertops is establishing itself as a popular option. We love the fusion of the glamorous mosaic style and mental to add a deluxe shimmer to a kitchen creation.

3) Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the best splashback tiles of them all? Mirrored splashbacks are a graceful and trendy way of optimising condensed spaces, making any room expansive and light. If we could choose what design greeted us when we entered a kitchen, the sophisticated reflective option would be one of our top choices for the infinite way it opens up the room.

4) This grey stone approach will leave your expression anything but stony-faced! Previously all the craze in Europe, this style is now very current in the UK, as is black stone splashbacks. This is mainly due to their minimalist nature and them being an ideal match for discreet furniture that is light grey or cloudy white shades.

5) Patterns boast untold possibilities. From the extravagant and dramatic to the subtle and floral, they can be bold and daring or a complementary boost to an otherwise plain design, preventing it from fading into the background.


HousetoHome recommends steering clear of bright white grout as there is a danger that it can stand out too much and look dirty fairly quickly. That being said, ornate tiles are outstandingly durable, exquisitely entice the eyes and act as a focal point in a room. Patterns don’t have to conform with the patchwork look being very ‘in.’


What style will you go for?

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