Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Create A Spa-Like Oasis With Themed, Custom Bathroom Tiles Ideas

When wanting to escape from the stresses of everyday life, there are few places that provide more of a sanctuary than your bathroom. When decorated properly, the bathroom offers the environment of a spa-like retreat where the worries of the world melt away as you sink into a warm bath, soothing music playing in the background, as candles flicker invitingly.

Doesn’t that image sound inviting?

However, in order to achieve the Zen-like peace that a truly wonderful bathroom can instil, it is important that it starts off with the proper decorating scheme, and that the theme is then well-executed. After all, the feeling that a room brings out in the person that enters it is almost entirely about first impressions!

One of the best ways to stunningly execute a fabulous decorating theme in your bathroom is to finish the design off with beautiful custom bathroom tiles ideas. There are few things in the world of decor that can equal the impact of a stunning custom mural or mosaic composed of tiles.

In order to spark some bathroom tiles ideas for your particular theme, here are some ideas about the ways that custom bathroom tiles can be incorporated into some popular bathroom decorating themes. In fact, if your theme is one of these (or close to it), then you may even find an idea that you want to use for yourself!

The Ocean or Marine Life

When people think of the bathroom, they generally think about water – and what is more appropriate as a theme with water than the ocean? When creating a custom tile work to accompany an ocean thing, there are various angles you could take on the idea. First of all, you could have a mural created that depicted an undersea paradise, complete with sea creatures and gently waving kelp. Additionally, the inclusion of some beautiful and interestingly-shaped coral adds visual interest and the ability to bring in lovely red shades of colour to the design. Alternatively, you can focus on the part of the ocean that is visible from land, the surface, and have a tile mural created that depicts a crashing wave or the glassy surface of a calm sea.

Art Deco

When pursuing a design scheme that is as rich in history and flavour as art deco, there are any number of directions that you could take your custom tile mural. First of all, you could create a design that is not a photo-realistic picture but rather is simply a geometric pattern that showed up quite frequently in the art deco design theme. Alternatively, you could use a tile mural that showed classic art deco style buildings that epitomise that architectural style, so prevalent in the Jazz age. Take a look in our gallery and maybe it will inspire some ideas that will suit your style.

Beach Cottage

There are very few natural environments which are as innately peaceful and beautiful as the forest. If your bathroom is forest themed, you can include visual elements in your tile mural design such as pine trees and pine cones, open meadows and crystal clear lakes, log cabins, and mountain vistas. Whether you have a beloved home away from home in the mountains or the forest is merely a gorgeous idea, you will be transported there every time you lay eyes on your woodsy custom tile mural.

Woods or Forest

When making the decision to turn your bathroom into a retreat, the most important thing to remember is that you must focus on creating an atmosphere in the room. One of the best ways to do this is by using creative bathroom tiles ideas to enhance the theme that you have chosen. You will never regret it!

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