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Custom Made Tiles – Reach For The Exceptional!

Sometimes an idea comes along that simply destroys the traditional concepts that originally defined a concept, and UniqueTiles, UK has done just that.

Rather than offer the run of the mill, boring patterned tiles, UniqueTiles will create an entire wall of the vision of a lifetime, made of the best quality custom tiles;

“If you can imagine it, we can recreate it.”

You might want an entire wall of custom tiles that portray a Tahitian sunrise, or the view from the top of the Matterhorn and if that is what you desire, that is what you will have. Perhaps a scene that portrays a Hawaiian beach, or the vista of a Texas cattle ranch would be more to your liking. Rather than rely on the common designs that are found in stores, let your imagination run wild and make a statement.

Custom Porcelain Tiles

The tiles are specially designed from porcelain clay and are kiln fired to an exact temperature, and then printed with the custom design that you have selected, and then lacquered by hand with an expected life expectancy of over two decades. These custom tiles can be used as a wall decoration for any room such as a splash wall in a wet room, as the accent of the spa wall. As a focal point within a kitchen or even as swimming pool murals in the finest porcelain tiles.

The tiles are normally cut in sizes of 10 square centimetres each but can be cut in six different size tiles to meet the specifications to which you are appointing the room. The tiles are as easy to care for as any other porcelain tile, and they can just be cleaned with any household cleaner that you would normally use in your kitchen.

Porcelain tiles have been a decorative force for centuries, most notably with Roman architecture and other countries that border the Mediterranean. Portugal has been noted for its azulejos tiles, which were installed with elaborate designs and large mural-like scenes of kings and queens, and other royalty through the centuries.

If you would like to see an actual tile, they will send you a sample. Alternatively, browse our gallery for ideas, and as you will see, the only limitation will be your imagination.

Custom Tiles Ideas

Now with the technology offered by UniqueTiles, UK, you can have the scene of your choice, captivated on an entire wall of custom porcelain tiles with a beautiful finish applied on the surface that makes the entire scene sparkle and glistens.

Any photo or graphic pattern can be used to create the final image that will appear on the finished product. If you have a picture or an image on your computer, it will be scanned, and then printed to the final wall photo that makes up the final image on your wall.

These porcelain tiles are specially designed, and each tile is numbered on the front for precise installation, and they are shipped to any destination in the world. The company is very experienced in packing the tiles to ensure that they will not break or crack.

UniqueTiles does not do the actual installation of the tiles, but you can install them yourself, or have the installation professionally done.

Although you may not be a resident of the UK, you may still send or email an image of the wall area and its dimensions to the company, and they will assist in helping you with your design and fitting it to the area to which you wish it to be.

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bespoke tiles uk

Here are tips for using custom pattern

1. For an area such as bathroom, you should consider using a custom patterned tile which has a slip-resistant surface. The surface which is rugged, as well as the matte finish, will provide good slip-resistant qualities for use in an area which is wet; if an unglazed tiles is used in an environment where water is constantly used, you will need to clean it frequently because they can easily absorb oil as well as stains. There are various kinds of custom patterned tiles which can be used in wet and dry environments.

2. If you intend to use a white or cream custom patterned tiles for your bathroom, it is crucial to use different colour grout such as blue because it will provide a more dramatic look to your bathroom.

3. Ensure you apply sealers to grout lines in the areas where you have worn such as countertops; this is because sealers will preserve and also protect the grout colours.

4. Make use of glazed patterned tiles for a floor surface which is stainproof, glazed patterned tiles are made the same way like the unglazed tile, but it undergoes an additional process. A glass layer would be applied and then subjected to tremendous heat in the kiln. This process liquefies the glass and also fuses it to the bisque. This glaze would offer several beautiful colours, designs, textures and also create a surface which is resistant to stain and wearable. Although most glazed patterned tiles are for light residential to medium commercial traffic uses, recent advancement in technology shows that patterned tiles which are durable and hard are used in most commercial applications.

5. Custom patterned tiles create an exciting wall and floor accents, and you can place rectangular decorative sections in the middle of the wall to enhance the beauty. Bespoke floral tiles can be of different kinds and can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, floors and walls of the house.

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