Custom Design Swimming Pool Tiles

Have you considered using digitally printed tiles to personalize your pool? Many swimming pool tile companies offer you a selection of pre-designed tiles; however, UniqueTiles offers to help you create a bespoke, customized swimming pool with our digitally printed tiles. With unique tiles, you have unlimited options to create the pool of your dreams.

Swimming pools, especially those built with unique swimming pool tiles, create a beautiful statement and add value to your home. Have you considered using digitally printed tiles to personalize your pool?

swimming pool tiles

A pool created with custom tiles offers a refreshing and relaxing getaway where you can be alone or spend time with family and friends. Your pool will offer years of lasting beauty and enjoyment with your design or image on our exclusive tiles. Digitally printed bespoke swimming pool tiles offer you the key to building the ultimate pool of your dreams.

Things to Consider

Consider the impression you’d like to create in and around your pool. What type of environment do you envision? Do you prefer a natural setting or a more classic swimming pool setting? A more natural design might include a waterline motif of brightly coloured fish swimming around a coral reef. A classic pool might be done in one colour, such as in shades of blue or even red pool tiles.

 Would you like to create a spa-like atmosphere with your pool? A spa-like atmosphere could be created with neutral tones such as blues and tans, with peaceful, flowing designs on the walls or bottom of your pool. Anything’s possible with custom printed pool tiles.

 Not sure what you’d like? Then look for inspiration for swimming pools with unique tile and designs. It may be helpful to review swimming pool and travel sites online, including pool designs on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Other sources of inspiration may be literally at your fingertips. Your favourite photos and images, works of art and more can be designed into customized and unique swimming pool tiles. Digitally printed pool tiles can be made into delightful mosaics, murals, avant-garde designs, symmetrical or asymmetrical motifs, geometric shapes and more.

Take your time when considering tile designs for your swimming pool. Choosing the best images and designs for your pool is an important step in creating an exquisite pool. It’s important to consider your preferences and how they will blend in with the swimming pool’s environment.

Imagine diving directly into the mouth of a man-eating shark, or swimming along a coral reef with dazzling coloured fish and coral. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. With custom tile printing, UniqueTiles can help you bring your dreams to life, resulting in a glamorous, unique swimming pool.


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