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victorian tiles
Posted by | 02/14/2019
Victorian Tiles

Victorian Tiles in Contemporary Homes Is it really possible to have Victorian tiles in your modern penthouse? How does one of the oldest wealth statements in Britain hold up in...

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modern bathroom tiles
Posted by | 11/26/2018
3D Tiles

Reinvent your home with the use of three dimensional tiles Creating your own home is no easy task. It involves a lot of forethought, insight, dedication and above all smart...

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islamic tiles
Posted by | 08/12/2018
Moroccan Tiles: You Should Know Important Facts 2019

What's the deal with Moroccan Tiles? Moroccan tiles design as the years pass, so do trends. Whether in the context of fashion, beauty or cars the majority of people strive...

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Ceramic and Decorative Tile Murals
Posted by | 01/19/2018
Ceramic and Decorative Tile Murals Characteristics 2019

Ceramic and Decorative Tile Murals: Ceramic tiles were used initially in a utilitarian way due to their functional characteristics. They were later used as designs and creative art pieces when...

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The History of Ceramic Tiles
Posted by | 12/04/2017
The History of Ceramic Tiles You Should Know

Tiles have been used for centuries as decorative touches both inside and outside of buildings of all types, including homes, businesses, places of worship and more. Ceramic tiles are one...

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farmhouse kitchen wall tiles
Posted by | 10/31/2017
Tiles Behind an Aga Cooker

The AGA has become one of the most iconic traditional cookers, first appearing in kitchens from the 1920’s and is now populating more than 750,000 homes across the world. With...

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3 Tiling Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Becomes Your Kingdom of Escapism
Posted by | 05/23/2017
3 Tiling Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Becomes Your Kingdom of Escapism

It can be a lot of pressure can’t it, choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen? Not only is it your cooking, and possibly eating space, if you have kids,...

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Kitchen Splashback Styles
Posted by | 05/11/2017
5 Stunning Unique Kitchen Splashback Styles

Kitchen Splashback Styles Whilst tiles can be stunning decorative pieces adorning walls, they can also serve practical splashback purposes when installed behind hobs and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. However,...

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Tile Installation Why Spot Bonding Is Best Avoided
Posted by | 01/26/2017
Tile Installation: Why Spot Bonding Is Best Avoided

Although we do not offer tile installation services due to having clients from all over the UK and even customers based abroad, we are aware that many of our clientele...

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