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Take Advantage Of Digitally Printed Tiles

Now you can have a high-resolution photograph or an intricate art design customised on the tile for your shower, bath area, kitchen or outdoor pool area.

You can make it happen anywhere you like, and it will be to made scale, and it will be incredibly beautiful. Digitally printed tiles are the new technology that makes it easy for you accomplish this and enjoy the uniqueness of a remarkable design trend. What is so exciting, is the ability to enlarge and have the picture and the design adjusted to fit the area in which you wish it installed, although there may need to be some image editing to meet the specifications of your mural design.

All that needs to be done is to send or upload a photo of what you would like in the way of a picture or design on your tiles, and it can be printed directly on the tiles, which you can then install yourself, by following the detailed directions provided. The tiles are numbered so that they will always be positioned in an accurate manner.

Printed Wall Tiles

With the advent of computerisation, the ability to have a higher rate of output with seemingly matching quality has given the industry quite a boost in design and flexibility. The ability to take a digital photo and transfer it to a ceramic surface is quite a leap forward in technology.

There is a saying in manufacturing that states, “make more from less,” and that is exactly what has happened in the digital printing of tiles realm. New developments in the digital technology arena have made it possible to produce stunning finished products from literally any photograph or design.

There is also a distinction between a surface digital printing that is painted on the surface of the tile and a ceramic fired design where the image is a part of the glazed portion of the tile, which creates a more lasting effect, and more waterproof for the photo or design. And finally, the ability to stretch or adjust the design to meet the required size of the finished product is just simply, very unique. The size of the tile effect can be set to fit a small kitchen or bath area, to an expanded size on a grand scale, such as a wall at a swimming pool or recreational area.

Tile Printing

If you would rather, you may choose from a gallery of metre square murals and choose from the many photos and designs. Once you decide upon which photo or design suits you, it can then be printed to any size you wish.

For an example of a finished product that sets the style with digitally printed wall tiles, London’s Millfields Community School and Children’s Centre sets the pace with its many colourful and exciting wall spaces using the concept. Other examples include Ted Baker of London, the Leeds City Council, the City of Zürich to name but a few.

There have been various methods of transferring pictures onto tiles in recent years, and then having the capability of adjusting the result to meet varying sizes of the final product. Direct and indirect methods of application have been used in this process, having the intention of creating consistency in the final production of equal proportion and colour reproduction. The history of painted tiles goes back to the days even before the industrial revolution. Of course, in the early days, the painting was all hand done, with prices to match the intricate designs that were the result of such tedious work.

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Tiles Design

A building with these areas of unique digitally printed wall tiles becomes an entirely new vista compared to what it was before the tiles were set into place. There is no doubt that people respond more positively to areas of a building or venue outdoors that has well-coordinated colour. It is possible to create incredible designs and areas of magnificent richness by the implementation of a well thought through the plan with these tiles.

The result is extremely astounding and positive. This new format for the production of wall tiles is sweeping the UK and other parts of the world. It opens the door for very stylish, and contemporary areas to be made available in homes, public areas, and businesses.

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