Designer Bathrooms

The Latest Trend in Designer Bathrooms

The bathroom is a difficult room to decorate because it is so small and serves such a clearly defined purpose. It’s a sad fact that bathrooms all too often end up looking the same. Even designer bathrooms rarely vary all that much. Most designers pick from similar colour palates, and the layout of the room tends to be fairly limited too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could come up with a truly unique and visually appealing look for your bathroom.

While it’s true that the fixtures and fittings in the room are dictated by necessity, there’s no need for the window dressing, flooring and walls to look the same in every bathroom. The colour scheme and wall tiles are some of the only things that can be customised heavily in designer bathrooms. Why not take advantage of this and make a bathroom that is truly your own?

Designer Bathroom

Modern Bathrooms

Sleek, modern bathrooms are definitely in fashion at the moment. Granite countertops, lots of large mirrors, chrome taps and clean, sleek looking baths and sinks are the order of the day. It seems a shame to spoil that look by simply using plain, pastel coloured tiles. Instead, why not opt for something striking and impressive.

UniqueTiles with an ocean scene, a luscious beach or a picture of a surfer riding a stunning wave will all suit a modern bathroom. Pick a scene that you love, and that both helps you relax and lets you feed on the positive energy. The water theme makes a lot of sense for the bathroom, but it isn’t the only theme that you can play with. If you want to do something more unusual try a mountain theme, or perhaps a scene from Alaska or Greenland. The cool appearance and “back to nature” tone of those scenes suits the purpose of the bathroom, and is clean and refreshing looking. You can use woodland scenes too, but in general these suit the kitchen or the bedroom better than they suit the bathroom.

Trends in Period Design

Period homes tend to be more limited in what you can do with them, since you want to keep the original fixtures and fittings as much as possible. You can accent that authentic, original look with some custom tiles, however. If you have a Victorian bathroom, but you don’t like traditional Victorian tiles or wallpaper, why not pretend that there’s a window by the wall, and put a Victorian street scene up there? Or, if you have an Edwardian room, break from tradition slightly and add an Art Deco touch. It may not be authentic, but it will look good and it’s a change that can be reversed, so if you ever decide that you prefer something closer to the original look you can simply change the tiles.

At UniqueTiles, we specialise in custom printed tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. If you can dream it, we can convert it to tile format so that you can have it in your bathroom. Custom printed tiles are the perfect finishing touch for designer bathrooms, and can turn a “showroom” design into a unique and luxurious design that rounds out the rest of your home. If you have an idea for some wall tiles for your bathroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss your design with you and help you turn your ideas into reality. Once you have settled on the look you want to achieve simply send us a picture and let us work our magic!

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