Kitchen Tile Splashback

Get The Unique Kitchen Tile Splashback Of Your Dreams

Would you like to learn about an exciting and unique way to create a personalized and exciting kitchen tile splashback? You can be sure that your kitchen will get a unique touch that nobody else will have, and this high-quality tile will actually help protect your walls and look great for as long as you live in your home. In fact, this solution can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, and even other rooms of your house for a dramatic effect that will never be duplicated.

At UniqueTiles, we make custom tiles that are printed from images that you send us. These durable and high-quality tiles are easy to install, guaranteed to last for years, and make bold and dramatic statements. Why not visit our gallery to see some samples of tile designs, so you can get inspired to order the same thing for your own home?

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

How To Get A Unique Kitchen Tile Backsplash For Your Own Home

The concept is really easy to understand. You send us an image. This could be a digital image of almost anything that you can dream of. It could be a piece of artwork, a photo of your kids, or some other memorable picture that complements the rest of your kitchen decor.

We produce a set of durable wall tiles, and then we print that set of times to reproduce your image. After the tiles are completely inspected for quality, we safely package and mail them to your front door.

Are Kitchen Tile Splashback Tiles Hard To Install?

Once you open your package, you will see that we have included all of the instructions that you will need to install these tiles yourself. We number each tile to make it easy for you to apply them in the right order to compose your image. This is no more difficult than assembling a simple child’s puzzle, plus we tell you what order to put the tiles in.

If you are handy around the house, you can figure out how to install the tiles yourself. However, you may want to hire a professional installer to do the work for you. Any professional installer should be able to use our directions to properly create your design within a few hours. Now you have a piece of unique wall art that is also a functional splashback for your kitchen.

Are The Tiles Durable?

We use porcelain tiles that have been precisely molded and fired in a hot kiln. After we print the design, each tile is coated with a lacquer that should last for decades. You will also be relieved to learn that these tiles are very easy to maintain. You can clean them with the same household cleaners that you use for any other tiles in your house.

After all, these tiles are meant to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Yes, they provide you with a distinctive way to decorate your walls, but they are also a very functional and durable product that you will be proud of for many years in the future.
How Do You Send In Your Image?

You can choose to mail us a photo. We can scan it and mail it back. However, you might feel more comfortable getting your image scanned or using an image that is already digital. That way, you can simply email us the digital image without worrying about losing an original.

Why Not Get The Kitchen Tile Splashback Of Your Dreams?

Expect to get your tiles shipped out to your own home about 2 – 4 weeks after you make your order. Within hours of getting your package, you can transform just about any wall into a masterpiece.

Many people have these tile walls in their bathrooms, showers, and kitchens. However, others have decided to incorporate a tile wall into their living rooms and bedrooms. After all, tile is very easy to maintain, and it can also help protect your walls against any accidental spills. Can you say that for a coat of paint?

Simply send us your digital image, and let us send you back any tile wall that you can imagine and capture in a picture.

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