Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Create An Unforgettable Impression With These Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Kitchen Tiles Ideas

When you have guests over to your home, perhaps for a dinner party, you should think about the kind of impression that you want them to come away with when they see your kitchen. Is one of understated sophistication? Perhaps you are trying to achieve a sense of carefree whimsy instead. Whatever the overall ambiance that you are trying to achieve, custom kitchen tiles can help you to get there quite effectively.

When creating the design plan for your kitchen, something you should always do is come up with a list of kitchen tiles ideas that would fit in with the theme that you are basing your design plan on. For instance, if your overall design scheme is Tuscan Countryside, then possibly some custom tiles that mimic an Italian fresco would be appropriate. On the other hand, if your kitchen design in Mediterranean, then custom tiles that depict the stunning blue Greek sea would be more in keeping.
Lunch atop a Skyscraper

Whatever your design theme, the main point is that there are any number of creative and beautiful kitchen tiles ideas that would enhance it, adding the final and best element to the design – the one that really makes it pop.

One problem that many people encounter, however, is that they get stuck in the initial stages of design planning. It is difficult to think of a design scheme that the entire family agrees on in the first place, let alone agree on the custom kitchen tiles ideas that will tie the whole thing together!

If that is the situation that you find yourself in, take a look at some of these example themes and custom tiles ideas. Possibly one of them could be exactly the thing that you are looking for. If not, maybe one of them will spark that perfect idea in your mind!


French Country

When your design scheme is French country style, you can add a bit of flair by having a custom tile mural created that depicts a country cottage, or other elements that define the style, such as a vintage blue watering can or the lovely and ubiquitous wildflowers that generally accompany this type of design.

Shabby Chic

When creating a shabby chic kitchen, the custom tiles you install should depict some of the most important and iconic elements from the shabby chic school of design. For instance, they can show a scene of a cozy, overstuffed armchair surrounded by an aged and distressed bookcase – filled to overflowing, of course, with well-loved and well-used volumes to add that sense of pleasant clutter that is the epitome of the style!


1950s American Diner Theme

There are many visually iconic elements that a custom tile mural can portray when the theme of your kitchen is that of a ’50s diner. For instance, the tile can portray a waitress on roller skates, a bright red vinyl booth, a burger and milkshake, or – perhaps the single most iconic image having to do with this style – a colorful and cheerful jukebox.


Coffee Bean Theme

There are few things that people look forward to in the morning the way that they do their morning coffee. In fact, when many walk (or stumble, as the case may be!) into their kitchen each day, it is the first and foremost thing on their mind. If coffee is the theme that you have chosen to center your decorating on, there are many choices for a custom tile mural. You could commission a mural that depicts coffee cups surrounding a carafe of coffee, just waiting to be poured. Alternatively, you could base your theme on a scene further back in the coffee supply chain and have a mural created that depicts coffee farmers hard at work, or burlap bags overflowing with fragrant and gorgeous deep brown coffee beans. The possibilities are endless when creating a visual for a theme as diverse as coffee.


Whether you are decorating your kitchen primarily for your own enjoyment or whether you are attempting to create an impressive design that will wow guests and visitors, custom-designed tiles are definitely the key to creating or completing a stunning theme!

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