Purchasing Considerations

What should I consider when purchasing tiles? 

Here are some of purchasing considerations and questions you should ask- and get answered! – before you commit to buying tiles.

Are they suitable for their intended use? 

You will no doubt know what you want the tiles for; the next step is checking that the tiles are suitable for their planned usage. Some tiles are better suited for walls rather than floors, or tailored more for outdoor instead of indoor usage, while others are more appropriate for wet areas in kitchens and bathrooms, countertops or large scale commercial projects in public areas.

Using a PEI rating can help you match the type of tile to the intended usage, factoring in functionality, safety and practicality. The PEI scale signifies how hard a tile is, with ratings running from 0 to 5 separate different types of tiles into 6 groups. Those in Group 5 are the most durable and strong.  We outline the PEI rating of tiles on the accompanying paperwork. The PEI scale are as follows:

Group 0: These tiles are considered to be unsafe for floors but can make good wall tiles.

Group 1/PEI 1: These tiles are ideal for indoor commercial and domestic walls. Where rooms are walked on with bare feet, socks or ‘soft’ footwear, or where shoes are not often used, these tiles work well. An example location is bathrooms in homes or other areas where the volume of feet is likely to be low!

Group 2/PEI II: Tailored more for a ‘normal’ residential flow of feet, these tiles cater for areas that experience soft soled or ‘normal’ footwear with only little amounts of scratching dirt. Therefore, tiles in this category are best avoided when looking to tile kitchens, stairs and entrance halls that endure heavy traffic.

Group 3/PEI 3: Though we don’t advise using these for commercial entrance halls, these tiles are safe to use for all residential and light commercial areas. These include reception areas interior walls, countertops, home bathroom floors, offices and boutique shops

Group 4/PEI 4: These tiles can handle ‘regular’ traffic so for medium commercial use, such as hotels and restaurants and light institutional use, like hospital lobbies and school corridors, we’d recommend this category of tiles.


Is the design to your tastes? 

What tile style you choose hugely impacts your home’s looks and feel and, subsequently your mood when you walk into the tiled room. Being unique means we’re flexible. Your design can be anything you want it to be. Simply send us over a picture/design that you like and we’ll print your custom design onto tiles.

We accept a variety of file formats to make it easy for you to deliver/send photos to us. You have the option of choosing multiple pictures for one mural or featuring photos of a range of sizes, enlarging or shrinking them as you see fit, with us being on-hand to advise on how to preserve the quality of the image once it’s transferred onto tiles. See our ordering and shipping  F&Qs for more info.

Only you know what your tastes are so make sure you choose carefully. No design is too ‘odd’ or ‘niche’!

Don’t forget you can always order a sample of the tile before purchasing a whole batch. If you don’t like any designs on our website we invite you to email your ideas to [email protected] so we can gauge more of what you’re after.


Are the tiles the right size? 

 Part of knowing what you want to do with your tiles is knowing how big you need them to be and how many you require. Most custom tiles that are meant for walls are 15 centimetres’ square each, but you can choose from a variety of different sizes from us. The strength of your wall might influence your decision when choosing tile sizes.

We recommend ordering a few more tiles for the mural than you need just in case the rare event happens that one should get broken or damaged in the shipping process, though we gladly replace any tiles damaged during shipping. {LINK}

 If you are only tiling one wall, does the design you’re choosing complement the rest of the room?

 You want your room, whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, to be well co-ordinated for a stylish finish. We welcome any custom colours, just as we invite you to send us your unique designs. Send us a photo of the colour of the rest of the walls in your room that you intended to install a mural in and we’ll match your tiles/design to this colour so you have an evenly designed overall room.

 Are the tiles quality made for long lasting functionality? 

 We know you want your tiles, especially if they are unique tiles designed personally by yourself, to be a legacy in your home and to withstand the test of time. The finish on our tiles lasts well over 25 years helping to fulfil this desire for durable tiles.

 We have years of expertise and a variety of creative techniques at our disposal. If you can imagine it, we can recreate it in long-lasting and dramatic custom printed wall tiles. We have valuable relationships with skilled and experienced architects, designers, specifiers and private clients in our arsenal and collaborate closely with them to bring you enduring, bespoke tiles of the highest first-class standard.



What if I have other questions?

To ask the questions you want regarding purchasing considerations and get the answers you need, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on (0044) 01460 77172

(9:30am4:30pm, 5 days a week) or email us on [email protected] for a quick and helpful response.




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