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A colour scheme guide to your tiles for your spa

The idea of turning your bathroom into a personal spa is a dream for many homeowners as not only does it put up the value of your home, it is an amazing addition to your lifestyle and health.

So let’s say you have the money for a spa and the room; what about the design? What about the colours and moods you want to be present inside your new found heaven?
Whilst there are many professionals out there who can give you a hand designing the layout and features of a spa at home, a colour scheme is something that should be personal to you and not decided by a stranger.

Here at UniqueTiles we care about our customers and want their personalities to show through what they decide to have. So here’s a guide to choosing a colour scheme when tiling your luxurious spa.

Matching shades of blue

Blue is a wonderful colour choice for people who suffer with high blood pressure or irritability. Blue has been linked directly to reducing both of those symptoms of stress and instil feeling of calmness and quietness. That said however, more toned down and deeper shades of blue can make a room feel cold and sometimes too quiet.

To help battle this feeling, you could match blue tiles with brightly coloured towels, robes and containers. For example, orange is quite a dynamic and exciting colour associated with high energy levels and alertness. The two could be a perfect match to create a stable and neutral mood in your spa.

Get dynamic

If you’re someone who needs a ‘pick me up’ coffee on a daily, perhaps swap your caffeine for a spa treatment surrounded by dynamic colours. Don’t worry, we’re not talking psychedelic, hippie vibes from the 60’s; we’re talking about bright green, orange, yellow or pink. It may sound like a mess to you but if matched correctly, it can make all the difference to your spa experience.
For people who suffer with low energy levels or even low iron intake, for a burst of energy spending time around colours can pick you up your feet for a while.
The colour pink for example is associated with happiness and has been proven to calm down bursts of anger. Yellow also has the effect of pure happiness on us, and can lift our mood and change our mentality.

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Blacks and greys

The whole discussion over the way black and grey affect us goes back a long time and no one seems to have definite answers. What we do know however, black and grey tiles are stylish, chic and always trendy. For some people black and grey can be quite depressing and miserable colours, and that’s completely understandable.

For others however, they can be the calm after the storm and provide the cosiness and silence that over worked people of the UK long for. 

When choosing a black and grey colour scheme however, we would suggest throwing in white accessories and fitting your spa with a white bath and sink. The colour black especially is known to make wet rooms feel small and compact. To counteract this, return the illusion of the room into its original shape with pale grey and white colours.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when natural light hits black and grey coloured tiles, the room won’t be that much lighter and might feel cold. Black absorbs light, and the tiles will too a little bit.

Reds and burgundies

Red is the colour of love and passion, it can be mysterious and unforgiving. It’s a sharp colour that evokes a number of emotions. It’s also a bizarre colour because on the one hand it depicts love yet on the other, it can be quite angry.

For those of you who fear the colour red and the idea of red tiles in a spa make you shudder, consider this; add shades of burgundy. Although burgundy is mostly associated with wine and lipstick, it makes for a beautiful partner to the colour red.
If you’re opting for a romantic feel in your spa, then red is a great idea however it has been linked with high blood pressure, so mixing it with burgundy and maybe even slightly stepping into purple, could possibly cancel out the aggression of red by itself and make it feel mellower. Remember, when buying glazed tiles, all colours will look more vivid so if you’re after a really bright, be sure to choose a more toned down shade, in case it is too bright.

When it comes to pairing the fit out of your spa tiles to red and bespoke tiles, it can be quite difficult to find something that matches. White would definitely be a classic choice, after all it works with anything, but apart from that, other colours may require some visualisation before you make a decision.

Complimenting nature’s light

If you’re in touch with your natural side and appreciate what Mother Nature already provides, we’d suggest natural tiles with wooden undertones such as oak colours. So a coloured spa tiles may not be so ridiculous sounding after all. If you need a pick me up instead of a wind down at the end of the day, then colourful tiles are definitely your best options.

Pale browns mixed with deep, forest brown can work wonders for a spa at home that has a large window with lots of light streaming in. Not only will it bring attention away from your walls and to any pricey decor you may have, it will also compliment the majority of colours you could have decorated your spa with.

At Unique Tiles customer satisfaction is extremely important to us so we hope this guide has helped you understand and picture how different coloured tiles work in a home spa. If you’re still struggling to make your mind up however, call one of our experienced team members now.

We offer a free consultation with any project you may be undertaking, and can suggest what we feel would be best for you.
Call us now, or fill out the online form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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